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A Coeliacs guide to eating out

A Coeliacs guide to eating out


These are the things that happen when you eat out on a gluten free diet

How often when you are invited to go to a new restaurant you are worried that you are going get sick, so for the rest of the day you sit there studying the menu, reviews and praying that this time is going to be different.

We have all had bad experiences when eating out so it sure is understandable to be nervous when you have coeliac disease.

Sit back and enjoy a day in the life of a coeliac trying to eat out.

You spend hours browsing their menu online days before to choose what you’ll eat hoping they haven’t run out

Sometimes you will call just to double check it is gluten free, to avoid disappointment, still worry about cross contamination.

You dread eating another baked potato

Fine, ill just have my fish with out chips, i’ll be fine!

When you ask any question about the meal being Gluten Free and they look at you blankly.

It’s ok, i love being judged.

the you have to spend the rest of the night asking, just so you have some faith you won’t be in the toilet for the rest of the night.

Can you check if this is gluten free, was it deep fried in separate oil, was the gluten free bread toasted in the same toaster as normal bread?  Please chef don’t do anything to my food, i’m not being hard!

When you find heaven and they have a huge Gluten Free Menu!

Begin happy dance.

…and the menu includes desserts

Excuse me while I just feel normal for a moment

You hate all the normal eaters…

You just sit there while they order, well anything

While you eat green leaf salad!

When they can only offer ice cubes for your gluten free desert

Fine i’ll have an apple

You start counting down to when you will start feeling sick

I think i just heard a gurgle!

Somehow you wake up fine!  How can this be

Rave how great the place was and now make it your local

When you finally find a place that has a great menu, it dose not  make you sick and they’re friendly.

What have been your best and worst experiences eating out?  Come join me on Facebook.

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