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A week in the life of a coeliac

A week in the life of a coeliac


I ummed and ahhed about writing this post because it may be too much personal information, but one of the driving forces behind The Gluten Free Mumma is awareness.

Having an autoimmune disease like coeliac disease means that gluten damages the villi in the intestine, which also means decreased absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. When a coeliac gets glutened, a few things happen. We get the symptoms that are unique to each of us (for me it’s bloating, gas and an indescribable tiredness) as well as the damage to my villi. Consequently, this generally means low immunity and I seem to every damn thing that goes around. Add to that a 2 year old in day care and you get a mumma who gets sick a lot. My friends and family often comment that I seem to be unwell a lot of the time. Well, this is why.

This post is going to give you a run-down on the past week and a bit in our household which has left me also run-down.

Let’s go back to about 2 weeks ago…. I had been glutened a couple of times that week so consequently got some weird virus that has hung around until now. Then, my 2 year old got a cold… Cue Mumma’s lingering cold. That’s OK, I can deal with that. I’m used to having colds a lot so I function pretty well when I have one. Fast forward a few days and I mistakingly get glutened again. My immunity lowers again. I still have a cold. The next night, my son starts vomitting and it lasts for a day or so. We are both exhausted with no sleep, but we carry on.

That weekend, David and the kids come and stay and low and behold…. Sienna starts vomitting. So I stay up with her until early morning when she finally falls asleep. Lucas then decided to wake up super early, so another day of surviving on little sleep. That’s OK, I’m a Mum, tired is just the norm.

Tuesday rolls around and David and I finally have some time together with all the kids back at school and daycare. We decide to do some work but I fall asleep on the couch… Drool, snoring, the works! It’s unlike me to do that but expected I guess given the past week. Well, it turns out, my body was preparing for gastro that night….all night, both ends. Do you feel me right now, just give me a break!! In the midst of that, the 2 year old vomits. Here we go again!

We get through the day barely and go to sleep hoping it’s all behind us. Haha, if only I was so lucky. This morning we woke with Lucas having diarrhoea. It subsided around lunchtime so when we were invited to an art display tonight I thought yeah, would be nice to get some fresh air. The universe had other plans and provided me with more diarrhoea from Lucas….the kind where you throw the clothes away. This hasn’t slowed him down though, not even a little. He’s still been the explosive, wonderful ball of energy that he is. Some days, you just have to take in your stride and smile anyway.

All of this was happening while also toilet training, trying to run the business, keep up with the never ending washing from sickness, try to maintain order in the house, get rid of germs and maintain some kind of sanity!

Throughout all of this, my amazing David has been right by my side doing more than his fair share, working full time, taking the kids out to give me 5 minutes of peace (while he’s fighting off a cold), running errands for me and tirelessly maintaining the website and Facebook. He’s not escaped the virus and is just hanging on by a thread… It’s like a ticking bomb, I’m just waiting for it to get him too.

Tonight, I eat mini pies for dinner and watch trashy TV…..and hope that today is finally the last of it. I’m tired and having coeliac Disease makes me even more so. Some days, it wins.


Goodnight xx


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