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About Me

My fashion for food began at a young age when my beautiful Mum would make these amazing meals out of very little. She used every bit of food she had and taught me to be frugal. Heading into adulthood, I would always invite myself over for dinner so I would have a decent meal every now and again. This is where my love for home cooked food comes from and as I grew up (kind of) I realised that take away and packet food just wasn’t cutting it, so I started to cook. My Mum is an amazing cook and the best Mum I could ask for. I love you, Mum.

I always try to cook with fresh ingredients rather than packets and jars but I am only human so convenience wins a lot of the time. I believe in nutrition and nourishing our bodies with healthy but delicious meals. I don’t cook with a lot of oils or fats and I try to incorporate veggies or fruit as much as I can.


When I was diagnosed as coeliac in 2013, my whole experience with food felt like it had disappeared. I was so devastated at the thought that my affair with cooking and love of food would have to stop. After all, it seemed that gluten was in EVERYTHING! That feeling didn’t last long when I discovered that a gluten free life didnt mean I had to miss out. I quickly learnt that there are so many products that are gluten free and that my recipes could be easily adapted to become gluten free. So there started my new love affair with food.

Although I was feeling positive about home cooking, I did feel defeated when it came to eating out and for the most part, I still do. It seems that no matter where I eat I end up sick most of the time (away from my kitchen). The lack of knowledge in the food industry surrounding cross contamination is pitiful. I think there’s a lot of reasons for this including ignorance, arrogance, uneducated about the effects of cross contamination and also the fad of gluten free living. Many chefs, waitstaff and kitchen staff don’t understand the health implications of a coeliac being glutened because they may see someone order a gluten free meal and then drink a beer. They may also hear a gluten free-er say they can have a little bit of gluten. I digress, I will elaborate in a future post.


So, a little bit about my family. We are a blended family of 5 that consist of me (obviously), my beautifully supportive and all round amazing partner David, Lucas (2), Sienna (6), and William (5).  The kids aren’t too fond on veggies (what kids are?) so I do a lot of veggie hiding… It’s become an art form.

None of the rest of the family are coeliac, although I do have suspicions that Lucas may be. Although I’m the only one that’s lucky enough to have special dietary needs, we are a mostly gluten free household. The kids still eat cereal and normal bread but I’m very pedantic about separate preparation areas etc.


David is the driving force behind The Gluten Free Mumma and dedicates the majority of his free time to the behind the scenes stuff. His unwavering love and support is what makes me truly believe that I can achieve anything ❤️❤️

The Gluten Free Mumma was started through my passion of food, home cooked meals and the need for change in our food industry surrounding true gluten free food. We have a lot of exciting things happening in the pipeline and we’re so excited that you’re all on this journey with us.

We are here to provide support, knowledge and empowerment through our blogs, recipes and information.

David and I

My promise to you is that I will always be honest in my reviews and transparent. I do not have any affiliations with any company, nor do I get paid to review products. My recipes will always be budget friendly, family friendly and only use ingredients you can find…. No “shichimi tagarashi” on this blog, ever!

We would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see from The Gluten Free Mumma.

With love,
Jody, the Gluten Free Mumma xx