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ALDI’S annual HAS NO gluten free sale!

ALDI’S annual HAS NO gluten free sale!


I’m not kidding when I tell you that my absolute favourite sale of the year is the Aldi gluten free sale. Those middle aisles are filled top to bottom with gluten free goodies ranging from cake mixes, pasta and sauce, breadcrumbs right through to different kinds of pastas and even falafel mix!!

I love Aldi anyway because they are so budget friendly. The “has no” sale is no exception with prices considerably lower than big brand supermarkets.

It’s a great time to stock up as this only happens once or twice a year. Eek I’m so excited for this 😬😬😬

Tell your friends and family too. Mine always stock up as well so they always have a safe option when we pop in for dinner or afternoon tea. These products are so flipping good.

They also have a lot of regular range items in the “has no” brand including biscuits, pasta, bread, cereal and dips.

Get in to your logo Aldi store on Wednesday 1st August for your own little slice of gluten free heaven and keep an eye for the upcoming reviews 😉

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Happy shopping!
Love, the GFM xx

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