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Are Chupa Chups gluten free?

Are Chupa Chups gluten free?


Are Chupa Chups gluten free?

Most of the Chupa Chups are suitable for gluten free diets. However, there are plenty of other products in the Chupa Chups portfolio, so please check the individual product for this information or contact Chupa Chups for more specific information.


So now we have answered that lets answer some other questions.

Why are Chupa Chups lollipops so difficult to open?  Because the wrapper is sealed closely to the stick to protect the candy from elements of the external environment.

In which country was Chupa Chups invented?  Chupa Chups was invented in Spain in 1958

Gluten Free Apple Crumble

How many flavours are there world wide? Chupa Chups now sells more than 100 flavours worldwide! Have you tried some of our more unusual flavours like Macha Late, Tea&Lemon or Ramune?

What was the first name for Chupa Chup? The first name of Chupa Chups was… GOL?
Imagine this: the sweet looks a little bit like a football, and your open mouth is a football net? Weirdly, it didn’t stick, and the name was changed to CHUPS in 1960.

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