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Coles Simply Gluten Bread

Coles Simply Gluten Bread


Well here’s something I haven’t managed to say in a long time, a supermarket bread that dosent cost a fortune and actually tastes, well like bread!

Coles has re-released their own brand bread with a new recipe and a bigger serving. So what does this mean to us, well they have done a great job of making the bread taste like bread.   It is softer, bigger and alot tastier and the best thing it’s the same price.

So on to taste, it is a lot like bread in texture but it is soft and I mean soft which is unuique in a store brought gf bread. The best way to describe the taste is well imagine bread and make it a touch sweeter and you’ve nailed it. The best thing about this review if you haven’t noticed is that I can actually compare it to bread!

If you have ever tried helgas range of bread prior to becoming gluten free, then that is the closest comparison to it in every way.

The nutritional side of things isn’t all doom and gloom either, with just a slight increase in sugar and fat over similar “normal” store bought bread.

Over all you can see as soon as you pick the package up that Coles has seen the need to improve what was a just an average product and done a pretty incredible job at it.

Would the Gluten Free Mumma recommend, yes she would.

The Gluten Free Mumma

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