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Is couscous gluten free

Is couscous gluten free


Is couscous gluten free

Straight up I will tell you to avoid Couscous if you are on a Gluten Free Diet

Couscous looks a little like pasta and a little like rice but it is made from grains of durum wheat, making it most definitely not gluten-free.

Any dish that contains couscous is off-limits to you when following a gluten-free diet because you have coeliac disease or non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. However, as more and more common gluten foods are being adapted, you can find gluten-free couscous products. They’re certainly not plentiful, however, so you may end up with a substitute.

You’ll find couscous in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, especially in salads and some stews. Beware of couscous served in restaurants unless it’s explicitly marketed as gluten free.
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