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Is Toblerone gluten free

Is Toblerone gluten free


Is Toblerone gluten free

Is there gluten in Toblerone chocolates?  No, all Toblerone flavours do not contain any gluten ingredients.

Tolberone confirm on their website that they do not contain any GLUTEN ingredients in any of their products.

These include:

  • Toblerone Milk
  • Toblerone Dark
  • Toblerone Honeycomb Crisp
  •  Tolberone White
  • Tolberone Fruit & Nut
  • Tolberone Tobella

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Some more common questions

Is Toblerone suitable for Vegetarians?
Yes, Toblerone is suitable for vegetarians.

Where is Toblerone made?
Toblerone is made in Bern, Switzerland.

Is Toblerone Fairtrade?
No. Toblerone is not Fairtrade certified.

Where do you source your cocoa beans?
Toblerone uses a selection of cocoa beans from different parts of the world.

Are the eggs and egg whites you use from free-range chickens?
No, not all eggs used for the production of Toblerone nougat are currently free range.

Does Toblerone contain nuts?
All Toblerone flavours contain almonds.

Is Toblerone suitable for people who are intolerant to lactose or milk?
All Toblerone flavours contain milk and so they are not suitable for people with a milk or lactose intolerance.

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