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Mumma’s insider info on the new Coles lines

Mumma’s insider info on the new Coles lines


Eek I nearly weed a little!! I got sent a sneak peek of some new bakery lines in store today from my informant at Coles.

I’ll be getting my hands on these babies asap to give you my reviews.

How flipping exciting!!

Tell us what you think below and don’t forget to go on over and like our Facebook page for new releases.

I’m off to stuff my face….. For research purposes only 😉

The Gluten Free Mumma

Hi, My name is Jody aka The Gluten Free Mumma. Welcome to The Gluten Gluten Free Mumma! To some it’s a choice, others don’t have that luxury. No matter your reasons, going gluten-free can be tough. The Gluten Free Mumma is a toolbox, a network, an ally, a bible, a friend, a source of entertainment and a lifesaver. Created and managed by a coeliac who’s been there, done that and knows what you’re going through; The Gluten Free Mumma delivers a down to earth family orientated view with yummy recipes, honest reviews. My goal is simple, EDUCATE. I want to make it easy to make family friendly meals that the whole family loves, be able to eat at a restaurant and not be sick and have a platform to share reviews good and bad so we can all enjoy Gluten Free food as it should be.

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