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Our top gluten free beer guide

Our top gluten free beer guide


Our top gluten free beer guide

With an estimated 1 in 80 Australians living with coeliac disease, gluten free beers are growing in popularity and also improving greatly on taste.

We all know that most beer is made using barley and wheat malt to provide the ferment-able sugars. However, both of these contain gluten, meaning barley-based beers are sadly off the menu for people with coeliac disease, so where does this leave people that are on a gluten free diet?   Well gluten free beers use grains such as millet and sorghum instead to make the ferment-able sugars.

While a wine made with Riesling grapes won’t taste the same as a Chardonnay, beers made with different grains have their own character, too. The key to enjoying gluten free beers is to appreciate them for their own rewarding flavours, rather than expect a carbon copy of a barley-based beer.

The quality of gluten-free beers continues to grow, and with the craft beer movement in full swing, beer drinkers have come to appreciate the breadth of flavour in the world of beer. It’s never been a better time to savour gluten-free beers.

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O’Brien Gluten-Free Pale Ale

After he was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 1998, John O’Brien couldn’t find any gluten-free beer that tasted as good as a traditional beer. Joined by award-winning home brewer and engineer Andrew Lavery, who was also diagnosed with coeliac disease, they set out to make beer that people on a gluten-free diet could enjoy.

O’Brien’s Pale Ale is a golden ale on the gentle end of the American-style Pale Ale range. It has tropical fruit aromas over a slightly sweet but refreshing malt body and a lingering, crisp finish.

O’Brien Gluten-Free Premium Lager

According to O’Brien, you can’t just buy malted gluten-free grains off the shelf – they don’t exist. So the brewer has developed its own process for malting millet and sorghum for its beers. These grains lend their own unique character to the beers.

O’Brien Gluten-Free Premium Lager is a clean and light-tasting Lager with a touch of malt sweetness. Generous bitterness lends a crisp finish to this slow-fermented Lager that rewards a job well done.

Schnitzer Bräu Gluten-Free Premium

The Germans take their beer very seriously and making Lager is a specialty. Using millet (hirse in German) Schnitzer Bräu is not only gluten-free but also organic. Brewed in Offenburg in the Black Forest, near the French border, Schnitzer Bräu undergoes long tank maturation, resulting in a malt-driven Lager with a refreshing palate and a clean finish.

Billabong Australia’s Pale Ale

Crisp, clean and thoroughly refreshing, made with our climate in mind. Some passion fruit and grapefruit tones prepares for a light floral Cascade & NZ B Saaz hop finish, Gluten free and fit for any true blue can be drunk on any of Australia’s 356/366 days of the year but a must on 26th January.

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