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REVIEW: ORGRAN Corn Crispibread

REVIEW: ORGRAN Corn Crispibread



Orgran products are one of those safe options that for me are always consistent. I really felt like avocado and tomato on crackers so not knowing that these even existed, I gave them a go.

Photo courtesy of Orgran

These taste pretty much the same as a cruskit style biscuit, however, they do have a little bit of that ‘get stuck in your teeth’ texture going on.

Another thing I love about Orgran products is that they are ALL gluten, egg, yeast, nut, GMO and dairy free and for those following a vegan diet they also have you covered. How amazing is that!! Don’t let that be offputting on taste though as every product I have ever tried from them has been flavoursome.

With 0.1g of both sugar and saturated fat per serving, these are a healthy snack with your favourite topping. Orgran have cleverly suggested a recipe using these as the base of nachos. Would you try them? Maybe it’s a recipe I need to do a review on.

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You can get a box of these for around $3.00 at most major supermarkets. Each box contains 19 (or 20 depending on whether Lucas took one without me looking) crispibreads, which is very good value for the price. I will definitely be purchasing these again.

Let us know if you’ve tried these and what your favourite Orgran product is.

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Smile always!

Love, Jody – The Gluten Free Mumma

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