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Review: Yoodles noodle cups

Review: Yoodles noodle cups



Who else loves instant noodles? There is something weirdly satisfying about sitting down to a nice hot cup of 2 minutes noodles. That is until you get diagnosed as a coeliac and can no longer indulge – sad face.

Woolworths range of ready meals

Well, guess what?? Yoodles have released brown rice noodle cups in chicken and beef flavour. They are high in wholegrains and also have very little saturated fat with 0.4g per 100g. Compared to the 1.5g per 100g of regular wheat noodles. 

When you open up the cup, you are greeted with the familiar sachets of flavouring and dehydrated vegetables. Just open them up and add them to the noodles, add hot water and let them sit for a couple of minutes. You also get a fork included which is handy for work or school.

These guys have a great flavour and don’t have an oily taste to them at all. If you’re like me and sip on the broth once you’ve eaten the noodles, you won’t be disappointed. The broth was full of flavour and not too salty. It’s the perfect winter warmer.

The ideal snack to pop in your handbag with a thermal flask of boiling water or the kid’s lunchbox provided your school allows them to task thermal flasks.

The slightly offputting factor is that they are made in Singapore, however, regular 2 minute noodles are mostly made in Thailand so I guess it gives the product some authenticity about it.

You will find the Yoodles noodle cups in the health food aisle of your local Woolworths at $2.00 per cup which is quite a reasonable price.

We would love to hear if you have tried these and what your thoughts are. Feel free to comment below or on the Facebook post here.

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Love and happiness,

Jody – The Gluten Free Mumma

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