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The Flour Mill Bakery

The Flour Mill Bakery



I went on a bit of a foodie adventure last week whilst I was visiting my Mum in Brisbane and she told me that a friend of hers had mentioned there was a bakery close by that offered amazing gluten free products. I thought, no surely not as I surely would have heard of them right? Off we went to this bakery with my expectations low to say the least.

Image supplied by The Flour Mill Bakery

I arrived at The Flour Mill Bakery in Cleveland, Queensland and immediately saw the A-frame at the front that said they offer a variety of gluten free products. Still skeptical, I entered the store and what I saw was worthy of me writing this post. Gluten free cakes, slices and lots of yums all on the top shelf covered in plastic wrap. I was immediately drawn to the gluten free vanilla slice so I waited until the staff person (turns out it was the Owner) had stopped serving and I went into a barrage of questions. How do you tackle cross contamination? What kind of flour do you use? Why haven’t I heard of you? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE??!!!??? (My Coeliac life at least).

Image supplied by The Flour Mill Bakery

Leezett and John told me that they thoroughly clean the kitchen, utensils and cookware every day and all gluten free goodies are prepared and baked at the very start of the day before a bag of regular flour is even looked at. All of the staff are trained in cross contamination and they use seperate utensils when getting gluten free items.

I asked Leezett to send me some information and what they offer and this is what she had to say:

“We do Gluten Free Bread and Rolls to order every day – 4 seed and white.  We weigh this off at 1.2kg so quite a big loaf for $9.20
We have a vanilla slice, lemon drizzle cake, mud muffins, orange and almond cake, apple turnovers with cream and at the moment banana bread.  We also have plain pies. We have these things every day – sometimes it can vary.
On Wednesday and Saturday, we have jam and plain donuts and spinach and cheese scrolls. The donuts are done on these days as this is when we have fresh oil and the machine has been deep cleaned. 
We have also done quite a few bday cakes gluten free made to order.”

Image supplied by The Flour Mill Bakery

I am very excited to find this little gem right on my doorstep. For anyone that is in and around Brisbane, do yourself a huge favour and take a trip to The Flour Mill Bakery. You will not be disappointed.
Love and vanilla slice hugs,
Jody – The Gluten Free Mumma xx

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