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The new caramel m & m’s

The new caramel m & m’s


What if I told you that there’s a new flavour of m&m’s that are coeliac friendly??!!??!?! Shut the front door!!

Peanut m&m’s were one of my all time faves so after diagnosis it another product that were in the no go zone (they contain barley which is a no go for us coeliacs).

Anyways, I was doing the mum thing and hanging out at the supermarket (it’s a normal thing, right?) and I saw a shiny blue m&m packet with those beautiful words… NEW. I love new products 😊😊 M&m caramel flavour… Umm, yes!

I reluctantly picked up the packet because I was intrigued to see the ingredients, knowing full well that my gluten free mouth wouldn’t be indulging in these beautiful little morsels…… Well, blow me down, there’s no wheat or barley!! I literally saw angels when I realised.

I know you’re all waiting for my review but do I really need to give you one? Just go and buy them… Now. Go. Do it. You’ll thank me 🙂

Peace & love,
The GFM x

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