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Woolworth’s Beef Pho soup bowl taste test

Woolworth’s Beef Pho soup bowl taste test


Who else loves Vietnamese food?? 🙋🙋‍I have had a craving for a couple of years that no matter how much Vietnamese I eat, I can’t shake. Vietnamese food is so fresh and tasty and it’s relatively healthy. Rice paper rolls, pho, stir frys…. So many yums and most of it is gluten free. Now that’s a win!

Well, I found beef pho at Woolworth’s and upon checking the ingredients, it’s gluten free!!! 😮😮 For those who don’t know Vietnamese food, a pho (pronounced fahr) is a traditional soup that consists of a fragrant broth, rice noodles and meat (usually beef or chicken). It’s traditionally eaten all throughout the day, including breakfast. Normally the broth takes a while to get all the flavours in it so I wasn’t expecting this one to be a traditional flavour.

Conveniently packaged you just empty the contents of each sachet in the bowl provided, similar to a cup-a-soup. The flavour base comes in a paste form which to me seems fresher than a powder. Once you’ve emptied all of your sachets, you simply add boiling water and then microwave for 2 minutes. Voila!

The flavours definitely pack a punch and where on the spicy side for me. However, I am the BIGGEST sook when it comes to spice. My mouth waters with pepper, it’s embarrassing. My sister in law thinks it’s hilarious how weak my spice senses are.

Aside from the spice, it was very flavoursome and it’s very low in saturated fat and sugars, so for me it’s a win. It’s perfect for a cold winters night.

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried this soup and what your thoughts where.

Until next time,
The GFM xx

Ease of use
Family Friendly


If you are after a quick meal on the go that is better for you than the traditional takeout or unhealthy snack then this is a great option for that. It's not very family friendly due to the size and the spice so loses points there as there isn't an option for a family size portion.

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