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Yeast extract – Gluten free – The facts

Yeast extract – Gluten free – The facts


Yeast extract – Gluten free – Yeast extract, usually eaten by consumers as Marmite or Vegemite, has historically been considered safe to include in a gluten-free diet. It is usually only consumed in small quantities so if you have been including yeast extract in your gluten-free diet in the past it is highly unlikely that it will have been harmful.

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Yeast extract can be made as a by-product of bread, wine and beer-making. Although the ingredient and manufacturing processes have not changed, recent information received from the makers of Marmite indicates that despite thorough washing, it contains slightly more than the 20ppm gluten standard, now defined by law.  We are now in the process of contacting other manufacturers of yeast extract products to identify their suitability for a gluten-free diet.  For further information it is advisable to check with individual manufacturers.

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